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Sara Barrett married into the Bluegrass way of life, with a marriage to Cowboy in 1987 a bluegrass wedding, of course! Sara is the organizational backbone of the operation. In fact, Cowboy says her organizing borders on insanity. Sara loves the "people" side of the shows. Meeting and greeting,handling the advertising, adding the personal touches, making sure everyone's needs are met, and keeping Cowboy in line. Scrapbooking and photography are a passion, and Sara keeps numerous albums available for reunion attendees to enjoy. A former college basketball player, Sara tends to stand above the crowd in stature and determination.  You might say......SHE CAN RUN WITH THE BIG DOG!!!

Cowboy Barrett, is a name that has become synonymous with Bluegrass Music in the East Texas area and beyond. Operating the Sandyland Bluegrass Festival (now called Reunion) for over 30 years now, one would say that Bluegrass is in his blood. Various Barrett family members dabbled with the fiddle and guitar, but Cowboy took that love of the music from a hobby to a way of life. At the Barrett place, one might say  "BLUEGRASS IS SPOKEN HERE". It is on the radio, in the CD player, on the computer, on the walls in the form of numerous autographed photos, in the magazine racks, on the book shelves,and in the hearts and minds of both Cowboy and his wife Sara. One might say that Cowboy has the gift for gab. He is a natural on stage and especially likes to keep a joke going on some unsuspecting "victim". And with a little coaxing, he can be talked into singing a pretty awesome tune with a true bluegrass sound. Usually in a pair of overalls, Cowboy is a hard worker with a laid back attitude. Rumored to never sleep, he is always ready for an all night jam. A quote he often uses is: "IF YOU CAN'T RUN WITH THE BIG DOG, GET UNDER THE PORCH!"


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